Five Reasons to Hire a Lawyer For Your Small Business

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As a new small business owner, there are many reasons why legal counsel is important. The following are five reasons why you should have a business lawyer on retainer. 1. Start Up Concerns One of the first tasks to do when starting up a new business is to meet with a business lawyer. They can help make sure you meet all legal requirements when setting up initial contracts. A lawyer can also help with your business organization set up, whether you opt for a simple sole proprietorship or a more in depth corporation.

19 November 2020

So, You've Been Charged With A Crime... Now What?

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Guilty. This is a verdict that no defendant wants to hear in the courtroom. When you, or a loved one, are accused of a crime, the best first step is to hire an excellent defense attorney. Hiring an attorney can drastically improve your chances in the courtroom because they have expert knowledge of the law. An attorney will also have the ability to bargain with the prosecutor for a plea deal, which can often prevent jail time.

29 July 2020

Questions About How Your Business Will Be Impacted By A Divorce

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Are you getting divorced from your spouse, but you also own a small business? If so, you likely have questions about what will happen to the business, which is one of the most valuable assets from your marriage. Here are some common questions you'll have about this unique situation. What If You Owned The Business Before The Marriage? If you had your business before you were married, you may think that the business is free and clear of being a part of the divorce proceedings.

17 June 2020

How Can You Stop A Debt Collector From Taking Your Inheritance?

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You may think that all estate litigation involves families, but it can also be needed to fend off creditors. When someone passes away, their heirs don't inherit their debts, but the creditor does get the first right to make a claim from the estate to cover the debt before anyone gets their inheritance. Here's what you need to do to protect your rights. Never Pay a Debt on Your Own

22 April 2020

Why You Should Sit Down With a Criminal Defense Lawyer After Being Arrested for a Crime

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If you have been arrested for a crime of any type, one of the number one things that you should focus on doing is finding a criminal defense attorney. Many of these attorneys will be more than happy to sit down and talk to you about your situation; typically, all you have to do is call and schedule a consultation. These are some of the reasons why you will probably find it worth your time to head to a criminal defense attorney's office for a meeting.

1 April 2020